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Who is Stewart Fleming?
  • Stewart is the eldest of 3 boys and was raised in Victoria. His father was a member of Rotary, Apex and served on the school council, setting the tone for Stewart's own community service.

  • He appeared in hundreds of advertisements as a child in print, radio and TV.

  • Founded his first company in 1996 which grew to 55 staff by 2001.

  • Spent 5 years living in London with his son.

  • Created the Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry.

  • Founded Coaching Life Magazine and produced over 20 editions.


Stewart left high school in 1987 and studied at University of Queensland, doing a bachelor of Science focusing on Computer Science and Psychology. In 1997 he received his Bachelor of Information Technology from QUT and rounded out his study with an MBA from the University of Wales while living in the UK.

Community Experience
  • 5 years as a Meals on Wheels volunteer

  • 2 years as Scout Leader in London

  • 3 years as Chair of Governors for Cubit Town Junior School

  • 3 years as Executive member of the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce

  • 2 years Secretary of Logan Chamber of Commerce


Logan is a city on the verge of eruption.

As a member of the Logan Innov8 Executive, I have witnessed first-hand, the ingenuity of our community.

As a member of the Men's Health Network, I have seen us pull together and support each other with dignity and love.

As secretary of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, I have seen our business community overcome petty squabbles, and create a foundation for small business to thrive in the city.

Our diversity is our strength; our youth are our future and I will not stand by and let these valuable resources be squandered for another minute.

I am a father, a husband, a community leader, a business owner, a coach and Logan's best hope for safe, strong, local leadership.

I am Stewart Fleming and I want to be your Mayor in 2020.

Join the Loganeers.

We are engineering a new future for Logan but we cannot do it without your help. 
Join the Loganeers as a doner, volunteer or both and help shape the future of our city.