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Coach - Speaker - Founder


You are driven to be, do and have more?

We are a dissatisfied species. It is the reason we have achieved so much.

You are designed to challenge the status quo and work towards change.

Dissatisfied is our natural state and coaching helps you turn that state into positive action.

As your coach, my role is to help you discover who you want to be and then ensure you have the tools to be that version of yourself for as long as you want.

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Leadership Coaching is an experience of enquiry and exploration of your actions and reactions to help you set and achieve your goals.

Stewart's unique Leadership Coaching program helps you quickly achieve greater personal awareness and take leaps to becoming your best self.

Business Coaching More money, Less time



Stewart's unique Business Coaching program helps you identify the next step in your business. Your business journey will take may turns, but the tools Stewart provides allows you to navigate these with confidence.

Enter a space without judgement in the confidence that you are working with an expert.

Stewart has already helped hundreds of businesses reach their potential.

Are you ready?

STAGE 1:  Stage one is all about getting to know your business.

STAGE 2:  Stage two builds on stage one by adding plan that ensures your vision comes to life.

STAGE 3:  Stage three gives you the tools to get things done. Working smarter beats working harder every time.

STAGE 4:  Stage four pulls it all together and gives you the tools to accept those
things out of control.




Coaching Life magazine was created to help raise the bar for coaching. As described in the opening letter from the editor, the biggest challenge for the industry is upholding levels of professionalism, standards and ethics.

"To raise the image of coaching as a united community, we either need to regulate or educate. Coaching Life was created to help educate coaches and the public on the standards and practices that we, as coaches, wish to uphold. As coaches, we are a community rather than an association but I believe that we can
still support and uplift each other, increase our knowledge and show the world what coaches can do."

As founder and Editor in Chief of a magazine that is now reaching an international audience, I am proud to see my vision for coaching continue to grow and impact millions around the world.


Coaching Life is proudly produced by OperaIT Productions.

If you have a project that needs production assistance, reach out to the team.

Barefoot Fish Relaxing Fish Spa

Australia’s only Registered Fish Spa Therapy Centre.


During a fish spa, customers place their feet in tanks of warm freshwater containing dozens of small toothless fish.

They rasp, suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin.

The end result will leave your feet feeling refreshed and healthy. Many people say they feel like they are walking on clouds after a session.

Tank sessions run every 30 minutes. Prior to your session our fully trained Ichthyotherapy Practitioners and Assistants will conduct a foot screening, wash and sterilize your lower legs and feet. You are then placed in the tanks for 20 minutes while the fish work.
After your fish spa your feet are sterilized again before you leave.


Welcome to Men's Legal Service

As a not for profit law firm, Men’s Legal Service provide a pragmatic, cost-effective legal service to men at turning points in their family life.

Our primary focus is to assist fathers with continuing to be available and involved in the lives of their children after family law events.

Family Law Services for Men

  • Family Law
  • Domestic Violence

Mediation Services

FLS Registry Australia

Making the first break the last

The Australian Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) Registry has been created to capture the variance in service and highlight the important role that fracture liaison services plays in providing better health outcomes.

The Australian FLS Registry is a project of the SOS Fracture Alliance and is supported by an unrestricted grant from Amgen Australia.

As of mid-2019, the project is just getting started and you can register your interest by clicking below.


ANZ Hip Fracture Registry

The Australian & New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) is a clinical registry that collects data on the care provided, and the outcomes of care, to older people in Australia and New Zealand, admitted to hospital with a fracture of the proximal femur. The registry is a collaborative project between several professional societies and is one of a number of complementary initiatives designed to improve hip fracture care bi-nationally.

The ANZHFR Steering Group is comprised of clinicians and experts in the field with representation from a number of key professional organisations. The ANZHFR Steering Group oversees the development, implementation, maintenance and reporting of the Registry and its data. The Group provides strategic direction to the operations of the Registry to ensure its objectives are met.