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A Fresh Start For Logan

I am a father, a husband, a community leader, a business owner, a coach and Logan's best hope for safe, strong, local leadership.

Stewart Fleming For Logan For Mayor For 2020.

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When will the election be?
Who is Stewart?

Stewart has a very diverse background. He has lived in Melbourne, Far North Queensland, the Gold Coast, London and now Logan.

He studied IT & Philosophy at UQ, Computing Science and Accounting at QUT and an MBA at the University of Wales as well as many other qualifications including Prince 2, Massage Therapy and Master Coach.

His businesses have ranged from theatre companies, childcare support services, massage, Quickbooks training, Online Lesson Planners for teachers, IT Hardware sales, Bespoke Software and Websites as well as Travel and Fish Spas.

He has coached hundreds of companies to success including Dominos, Anglicare and the Queensland Government both as an Executive Coach and Mentor for Growth.

In the community, he has served Meals On Wheels for 5 years, been on the board of many Chambers of Commerce and spent over 10 years working for the health of older people in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Stewart is committed to serving Logan, the community, the business and the people.
What does he stand for?
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A single father for 14 years, now part of blended family, Stewart understands the Modern Family.

I am committed to helping families thrive in whatever form they take.

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Having worked at the highest level of education, Stewart understands the challenges of education today.

I am committed to helping your children be job-ready with real world skills.

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Stewart has vast experience working with big, small and micro business, as well as Government both here and overseas.

I am committed to the long-term health of business in Logan in all its forms.

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A long-term supporter of community groups and projects, Stewart has helped improve the community in many ways already. 

I am committed to ensuring our community resources are properly funded and supported. 

Why is he running for mayor?
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    We are all sick of self-centred politicians ruining the reputation of our community.

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    Logan deserves better.

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    You deserve to be heard.

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    You deserve to be taken seriously.

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    You deserve a good education for your kids. Not just reading and writing but job-ready.

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    You deserve local employment opportunities.

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    We deserve to be proud of our community, city and council.

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    We deserve a council anchored by transparency and respect.

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    We deserve a Mayor of the people.

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    We deserve Stewart Fleming for Logan for Mayor for 2020.

Where will he take the city?

I am already leading the city forward in my various community roles and, as mayor, will ensure the city fulfills its destiny as a beacon for growth through diversity. With a strong local business focus, I will bring more local jobs and opportunities through expansion of the Go Local Campaign and vertically focused initiatives.

I will bring together the existing community and business leaders and support them to drive the city forward with the vision we all share. I have the patience and passion to work with diverse teams, develop a shared vision and ensure the delivery of results. The city of Logan is blessed with talent, diversity and opportunity. It's time we harnessed these assets, for our children's future.

The 2020 election will set the tone for the next 4 years of our community. Do we want another failed career politician who is just looking for their next meal ticket or do you want a community leader with a proven business background?

Stewart is a man of the people and will take Logan from good to great.

Current Logan Leadership roles
  • Director - Men’s Legal Service

  • Innov8 Executive

  • Presenting at the Logan Start-up Hub

  • Secretary - Logan Chamber of Commerce

  • Volunteer with the Beacon Foundation

  • Founding member - Logan Angels - Private finance for local projects

  • Coach - Springwood Community Centre

  • Trainer - Logan City Council - Business Education Seminars

  • Founding Member - Logan Mens Health Initiative

How can I help?

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Engineering the future of the city will take blood, sweat, tears and cash. I will provide much of the blood, sweat and tears but need your help to fund the campaign. 

Become a Loganeer and be a part of the future of Logan.

Become a Loganeer

Over the course of the campaign there are many small jobs that need volunteers. 

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