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What He Stands For
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A single father for 14 years, now part of blended family, Stewart understands the Modern Family.

I am committed to helping families thrive in whatever form they take.

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Having worked at the highest level of education, Stewart understands the challenges of education today.

I am committed to helping your children be job-ready with real world skills.

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Stewart has vast experience working with big, small and micro business, as well as Government both here and overseas.

I am committed to the long-term health of business in Logan in all its forms.

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A long-term supporter of community groups and projects, Stewart has helped improve the community in many ways already. 

I am committed to ensuring our community resources are properly funded and supported. 

Join the Loganeers.

We are engineering a new future for Logan but we cannot do it without your help. 
Join the Loganeers as a doner, volunteer or both and help shape the future of our city.