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 In today’s fast-paced world, the strong thrives. Surviving the hustle and bustle while producing the best results is a challenge that everyday, unassuming people triumph in. That’s where our team defines the term “superhero” to a whole new level. No need for bulky armour or sharp swords, because we win with our wits. Our tactical skills. Our synergy. Our compassion in service. All that while balancing life and play. It just gets better everyday.



Stewart Fleming

Here comes Stewart Fleming, and he is his own superpower.In every pack, there is someone who takes the lead. Someone shaped by life’s ups and downs. Someone who has led an enthralling, adventure-filled life. Stewart saw the vision and is now working it out to bring it to reality. A goal-driven compassionate leader with zeal for making the community efficient, with meaningful moves, one step at a time.

A teacher, a friend, a listener, a family man, a responsible citizen. A role model.

When you are sure of yourself, and you know who you are, no one can take that away from you. That’s what keeps Stewart pumped. It’s a power - and it is his weapon: helping other people achieve inner peace while being as productive as they want to be! It all started when he was a young one, he wished to avoid sleeping because he thought he could learn more things when he did!

Stewart is a certified Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation and has created a broad scope of businesses, ranging from IT, travel, accounting, arts, production, publishing, to retail. Starting his first business at the age of 30, he successfully managed to grow on his own two feet. Such an amazing feat for a superhero.

On duty-filled superhero shifts, he is usually busy coaching people how to achieve better goals in every aspect of their lives, while juggling work advising in his four other businesses and also oversees the other two nonprofit businesses. Stewart never forgets his family duties too, being a great father and inspiration to his incredible son, Jack, who at 10, already has been around the world 3 times.

Along with the Hall of Heroes, his team of colleagues, they reinvent the word superhero: modern-day individuals who give their best to shape up a better world.

Move over, Superman. Give way, Thor!


Chonette Villa

Even the toughest of superheroes need a trusty sidekick to keep them on their feet! When we speak of superheroes, the first thing that comes to mind is having a superpower that makes them unique and powerful.

Chonette is no Avenger or a DC member, but thanks to her efficient skills in monitoring the workflow and making sure that everything is going smoothly for the business, she puts any Avenger to shame, thanks to her eagle eye vision. She once dreamt of having a career in the field of media and ads, but her excellent skills in communication, diligence, and sharp eyes lead her into the colourful, promising world of being an executive virtual assistant. Whenever there’s an opportunity to learn about new things, Chonette is always up for it.

Chonette doesn’t need weapons like swords or shapeshifting, because her power comes from within: her dedication to her craft seals the deal. Even if she gets a lot on her plate, she is committed to achieving the success of the task, because it keeps her going.

There is a saying that goes “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” She is the perfect answer to that quote: juggling work, while being a full-time loving mom to her 3 lovely kids - a 24/7 job, but Chonette is one tough cookie, she never backs down.

And that’s what makes her the extraordinary "The Finisher", she makes things happen.



Mitzi Grace Allyson Mercado

There was a point in our lives when we thought that being a superhero denotes having the ability to fly, possessing X-ray vision, or the capability to will ourselves to become invisible when a situation with such need arises. But then, that’s all in the movies!

It doesn’t mean that we can’t find superheroes in the real world, though.

It seems like it was written in Mitzi’s stars that she is destined to make an impact on the world using words. Growing up, she has always been surrounded by a lot of books, thanks to her parents - her mom, a preschool teacher, and her dad, the school administrator. The classroom became her home.

Mitzi learned to read at age 3. Her mother introduced children’s visual storybooks to her, which later on leveled up to almanacs for kids and Compton’s encyclopedia. Her father, on the other hand, is an occasional reader but influenced her to start scanning the daily newspaper, and Reader’s Digest. Some people thought it was way too advanced for a kid, but it became her stepping stone as she later joined spelling bee contests in middle school. Words always made their way to Mitzi’s life. In words, she found her voice. She soon became a teacher, following her parents' footsteps.

Originally a licensed educator by profession, Mitzi took some downtime to take on another challenge: a new career. Even superheroes upgrade their skills, in order to contribute greater things to the world. Her top-notch weapons? Her dependable pen and notebook, in which she jots down one idea after another.

She now writes and tells meaningful stories. Mitzi believes that words have power. It inspires and fuels people.

There is freedom in telling stories because in writing, the possibilities are limitless.

Mitzi is the "Savvy Storyteller."


Alexander Burias

Astonishing software and life-changing applications - these are just some of the cool stuff our rockstar superhero Alexander brings to life!

Our blues-and-jazz-piano-and-harmonica-with-a-dash-of-guitar playing music enthusiast slash techie hero loves gaming truly that he once aspired to be a game developer, but there wasn’t much opportunity at the time. But just like the main character in a video game, he thought of a game changer because he wouldn’t let defeat overtake him. He now works as a software and application developer. 

Every superhero needs an equally cool vehicle to bring them where it’s at! Alexander is on a mission to build his own customized campervan, named C. Urchin (witty!) aligned to a superhero’s lifestyle - an awesome van where he could work and accomplish his duties while surfing - his number one passion, alongside travelling, travelling with surfing (keyword: passion) and cooking. During his free time, our techie hero surfs because it brings him closer to his two wonderful kids, Amihan (which is the Filipino term for cool northeast wind) and Zach.

Alexander also dreams of achieving sustainable living - living off the grid, being able to have their family’s own produce, starting from their own backyard.

In every awesome program that Alexander creates and develops, The AppSurfer gives his best to ensure that he contributes a positive impact to the world. 




Leo Leonero

Tough times make tough people. For DanDysigner Leo, inner strength is what makes him stand out in the game. 

His main responsibility is to produce superb visual art pieces for the company. With the help of his reliable tools like Adobe Creative Suite and InDesign, along with his sharp skills in print design, typography, and impeccable art prowess, he fulfills his duties with no sweat. Once dreamt of being an architect, Leo took up Graphic Design and Print Media due to missed enrollment timing, but as a superhero, he still saw this as an opportunity to hone his craft. 

Leo, as a student, was active in a theatre group called Stairs from 2006 to 2011. He then became the student officer and the mentor/trainor. The lessons he learned from Stairs aided him greatly in their church ministry. He first worked as a cutter operator in a printing company in Manila. He got the chance to observe how the book layout happens and it struck a chord in him. From there on, he started his career from a layout artist to becoming a full-time graphic designer.

2020 had been very taxing to him and his family. It was an extremely difficult time for him, but he is still trudging on especially for his firstborn, Ellie. His wife, the rest of his family, and the support he gets from them keeps him going. His passion is to provide a nice and comfortable life for his family, a superhero’s job could get tricky sometimes, but at the end of the day, it is all rewarding.

We are allowed to feel tired, because life may get stormy occasionally. What’s important is how we hold on. When we share strength with other people, we influence them to have a reason to continue living life to the fullest. And strength is a superpower from within.


Michael Villamor

Not all superheroes use shooters, cannons, or lightsabers in winning their challenges. Mr Dynamo Myk is triumphant - with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign in his weaponry, these awesome tools beat those weapons by a mile.

Before becoming an architect, Myk dreamed of creating music videos. His talent in the aspect of visual arts paved him with a lot of great opportunities. He first landed a job in the apparel industry and worked as a designer. He was also given tasks related to architecture in his previous companies like interior fit-out full and the likes. Being the superhero he is, he used that to his advantage, then it contributed to his creativity booming, helping him grow.

Michael’s a modern-day superhero: a full-time dad and a creative graphic designer on the side! While not busy designing awesome informative and intricate visual pieces, super dad Michael spends his downtime playing video games on his PS4 with his son, and watching tv series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones,  which became an opportunity for them to get closer. 

What keeps him going is seeing good results paying off from the tasks entrusted to him, and optimistic colleagues help in the process. After all, superheroes need cool colleagues who share the same vision in creating the world a better, more colourful space.



George Normore

Superheroes don’t earn their badges in a snap. Some immediately know their superpowers from the beginning, while others fully discover them while undergoing training. It could be challenging to spot superheroes, but one thing is common about them: potential.

From initially wanting to study archaeology, his interest slowly drifted to another opportunity, in technology. Coding and design caught his eyes, as someone who grew up around computers and playing games, it gave him a familiar feeling. But when you know, you just know! George later realized that his true calling is in the field of psychology and coaching. The elements of life and its systems keep him pumped... and that’s when he knew.  He’s currently a 3rd-year Psychological Science major at the University of Queensland.

Training sharpens a superhero’s abilities. Always ready to lend a hand while learning the ropes, Ablaze Apprentice George is now working hard to obtain his badge to be the best he could be, picking up new learnings as his top priority. He gets to observe the veterans in action from behind the scenes, and soon enough, he will obtain his own superhero plaque.

While off duty from his superhero training days, George, a travel bug, spends a lot of time traveling. He says that he feels at home at airports more than anything! People visiting him at home are astounded with the impressive number of his pets, including lots of guinea pigs, which he fondly calls his “sons”. A zookeeper, they say. 

A global jetsetter with a heart for animals, added with a dash of incredible tech knowledge (George is a champ in the field of professional esports competition in Australia!) and an athlete (snorkeling, snowboarding and basketball are only a few on his list!) accompanied by tremendous support from his family, his partner and the rest of his crew on the side - George is acing his superhero training and he’s got what it takes to make it to the finish line!