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Park Ridge

Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a suburb of the City of Logan, Queensland, Australia. Park Ridge lies to Logan's west and enjoys a rural setting. There are manicured acreage properties buffered by bushland. At the 2011 census the suburb recorded a population of 2,328. Part of the suburb's western boundary is marked by the Mount Lindesay Highway.

Logan Ridges was the original name for the suburb of Park Ridges. This was until the early 1890s, when the post office changed its name to reflect the park-like nature of the area.

Early settlers hailed from Yorkshire and timber-getting and farming were the primary industries during the 1890s and remained important through to the early 20th century, when tobacco growing was taken on. Success was fleeting and eventually poultry farming came to the fore; Ingham's Chickens becoming a major employer.

Park Ridge Provisional School opened on 23 April 1895 located between Rosia Road and Hillcrest Road; it became a state school on 1 January 1909. Unfortunately, the building did not have ant caps on the stumps and eventually the white ants damaged the building. In 1915, the school relocated to its present site where the (then) disused Browns Plains Provision School had been relocated.

Park Ridge State High School opened on 29 January 1991. Parklands Christian College opened on 11 April 2001.

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