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Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek is a locality split between Logan City and City of Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. As at the 2011 Census, Cedar Creek had a population of 832. It is located about 41 kilometres (25 mi) south-southeast of Brisbane, Queensland's capital city.

The first European settler in the district was Jessie Daniells who established a timber mill in the area in 1864. Most of the early farmers in the district grew sugar cane. David Veivers established a dairy in the 1870s.

A Wesleyan church was established in 1871. The Cedar Creek School opened in 1874. The Cedar Creek School of Arts was erected in December 1913 by the Upper Albert branch of the Farmers' Union.

Formerly in the Shire of Beaudesert, Cedar Creek became split between Logan City and City of Gold Coast following the local government amalgamations in March 2008. Parts of Cedar Creek were to be taken up by the waters of the proposed but never completed Wolffdene Dam.

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