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As Mayor of Logan, my priority is to work with you, the community, businesses and other elected Councillors to get our city moving in the right direction.

After hundreds of conversations, survey results and feedback from our community, I have listened to your needs and come up with a strategy for Logan City 2020 - 2024.

The business of Council has revolved around Rates, Roads and Rubbish. I believe it should have a broader focus on the Economy, Community and Environment.

By putting our focus on these 3 pillars, it will provide us the future we all deserve.


Logan Economy Open for business

  • Increase transport capacity through better planning and innovation. We need to get the city moving.

  • More jobs in Logan through support of local business and better local procurement. We need a stronger 'Buy Logan' focus and our own Chief Entrepreneur.

  • Stop unfit development. Our city must be livable now and in the future.

  • Focused precinct development to stimulate growth. Logan should be a destination, not a drive-through.


Logan Community Working together

  • Community forums with dedicated officers for Seniors, Students, Sports, Arts, Poverty, Crime, Mental Health, Disabilities and Multicultural support. We need better collaboration with Advocates or Peak Bodies to represent the issues and formulate solutions.

  • Increased safety and police support. We need to work more closely with our Emergency Services with better reporting, camera support and getting tougher on crime.

  • Focused drug programs. We need to work together on the cause of drug problems, rather just reacting to the results.


Logan Environment Environmental Innovation

  • Lifetime recycling through school programs. We need to instill the recycling habit into our kids now, to save our amazing environment.

  • Smarter large waste collection. We need to look at new ways to manage Waste and Resources more efficiently.

  • Expert-led conservation policies. We have to listen to the people who are already caring for our flora and fauna and take action.


I believe that a Strong Economy, Connected Community and Innovative Environment will bring pride to Logan and give our city the future it deserves.

If you agree, please be the change you want to see in the world.

Let's work together to ensure Logan reaches its true potential.

How can I help?

Make a Donation

Engineering the future of the city will take blood, sweat, tears and cash. I will provide much of the blood, sweat and tears but need your help to fund the campaign. 

Become a Loganeer and be a part of the future of Logan.

Become a Loganeer

Over the course of the campaign there are many small jobs that need volunteers. 

Join the Loganeers and make a positive difference to the city.